Our laboratory developed a framework and a set of algorithms to create maps (simplified abstractions) of causal information in research findings, that can be used to integrate information and guide research planning. Based on this framework and algorithms, we developed a free web application that helps biologists keep track and interact with causal information in research papers (www.researchmaps.org).

Why researchmaps? In the last 30 years, there has been a dramatic increase in the complexity of experiments and publications in Biology, including in Neuroscience. This problem is specially severe in neuroscience, since in this field experiments often attempt to integrate across different sub-disciplines and levels of complexity, including, molecular, cellular, systems, behavioral, cognitive and clinical neuroscience. This discipline, for example, includes nearly two million research articles reporting approximately 20 million experiments.

We are looking for neuroscience students to helps us with our researchmaps project! This is a great opportunity for students interested in learning how neuroscientists integrate and plan experiments! Contact us!

For a recent Ray Kurzweil's newsletter article on our researchmaps work click here...

Alcino Silva talks about Researchmaps in a 2015 Current Biology interview

Key Publications:

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